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University Neighbourhoods Association

UBC Resident E-Newsletter
Re-Design and Development.


Address communication needs, enhance newsletter design for improved readability and brand recognition, and provide a user-friendly experience for the UNA team and their audience.


Discovery Session

Conducted a comprehensive discovery session with the UNA team to understand their pain points, target audience needs, and communication goals. This session provided insights into the existing challenges and opportunities for improvement.


Newsletter Redesign

Identified the need for a newsletter redesign to align with the UNA's website and create a consistent brand identity across digital and hard copy formats. We worked closely with the UNA team to develop concepts and design options for the newsletter.


Information Hierarchy and Simplified Design

Simplified the design and created a thoughtful information hierarchy within the newsletter. Ensured that the content was easily readable and organized, making it convenient for the audience to navigate through the newsletter and access the desired information.


Client Selection and Approval

Presented the design concepts to the UNA team, allowing them to choose the layout that best met their needs. They collaborated with the client to fine-tune the selected design, incorporating their feedback and ensuring it aligned with their vision and objectives.


Implementation and Programming

Translated the finalized design into a functional newsletter using Mailchimp. Ensured the programming was executed accurately, maintaining design integrity and compatibility across various email clients and devices.


Enhanced Readability and User-Friendliness

The redesigned newsletter improved readability and provided a user-friendly experience for the UNA team and their larger audience. The simplified design and thoughtful information hierarchy made it easier for readers to consume and navigate the content.


Consistent Brand Identity

The redesigned newsletter aligned with the UNA's website and created a consistent brand identity across communication channels. This ensured that the brand was recognizable and reinforced its presence, regardless of whether the audience accessed the newsletter digitally or in print.


Well-Designed and Accessible Distribution

The programming of the newsletter into Mailchimp ensured that the large list of email subscribers received a well-designed and easy-to-read newsletter. This enhanced the overall communication experience and engagement with the UNA's target audience.


Through collaboration, strategic design choices, and effective programming, the partnership with the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) resulted in an improved newsletter that addressed their communication needs.


The redesigned newsletter enhanced readability, created a consistent brand identity and provided a user-friendly experience for the UNA team and their audience. The successful implementation of the newsletter redesign in Mailchimp enabled the UNA to distribute well-designed and accessible newsletters to their subscribers effectively.

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