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Dr. Shelly Moore

The Situation

Powerhouse educator Dr. Shelley Moore had multiple websites, a significant digital footprint, and a large following. Initially, Shelley came to Good seeking a revamped website. It quickly became clear that we needed to sort out her branding first so her new website would resonate with her audiences and reflect Shelley's personality. Here's how we gave Shelley's branding some love to reflect her growth over the years.


The Process

First, we completed a comprehensive brand audit, which revealed three segments in her business: Shelley's work, her media arm (Five Moore Minutes), and her business (Outside Pin). We created three separate brands and logos to represent each one. Good worked with partner photographer Jamie Poh, who captured beautiful portraits of Shelley that are professional yet show plenty of personality.
Finally, we created a user-friendly and vibrant website to provide a visual representation of the brand for the web.  

The Results

Today, Shelley and her team have a brand that clarifies what Shelley does, tells her story, and makes it easier for groups to book her for speaking engagements or workshops. She now has a professional and cohesive brand that will be a foundational piece of her marketing and communication efforts.

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