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The team behind
our digital agency.

A bunch of nice people
working on Good things.

Welcome to Good Digital, a creative digital agency based in

Chilliwack, British Columbia.


Our agency is built on doing good in the world and online. We strongly embrace the power of diversity, inclusion, equity, and creativity to drive meaningful connections and inspire positive change.


We are a team of strategists, thinkers, and doers. We’re creatives, analysts, perfectionists, and all-around digital architects. 

We believe that by embracing diversity and championing inclusivity, we can inspire, connect, and make a lasting impact in the creative marketing world. Together, we will spark creativity, challenge the status quo, and drive positive change one project or campaign at a time.


Lise Oakley smiling

Lise Oakley

A creative digital leader with strengths in project management, community engagement, and digital marketing. Lise has a track record of using a practical and inspired digital strategy approach that builds online audiences, drives traffic to a website, and converts high-quality leads.

In 2020, Lise founded Good Digital, a digital engagement agency that focuses on the value of work, projects, and people. 

Jess Turner headshot


Jen Turner

Graphic Designer and Art Director from Vancouver, BC, Jen has worked on brands like Lush, Mind Ful Living, and Saje. She has a keen focus on identifying the passion behind the craft and letting that guide her process.

Jenna headshot


Jenna Kuzemski

A creative adventurer who loves a challenge, Jenna is an efficient web designer and developer. She works with small & medium-sized businesses to create compelling and accessible websites, and has built websites for the Commodore Ballroom, Good Digital, The Wobbly Canoe, Launch Grow Harvest, Compass & Arrow and more.

Kat Hodgins headshot


Kat Hodgins

A storyteller and self-professed word nerd, Kat’s objective is to transform a complex or dull topic into digestible, enjoyable reading for the target audience. She’s written for many companies globally, including Bob Vila, Market One, Dentex, and Nest Designs. This former copy editor and writer at OP Publishing Media Group has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that content always looks good.

Joyce Quach headshot


Joyce Quach

A reader who tries to hit 100 books a year, Joyce crosses every T and dots every I when it comes to our client social media accounts. She takes pride in bringing her organizational skills, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for learning to every project she tackles.

When she’s not working, you can find Joyce looking for Instagram memes, watching drag race clips, and searching for hilarious social accounts.



Talia has recently joined the Good Digital team as a Content Project Coordinator

With over seven years of experience in advertising, marketing, and design, her beautiful yet functional communicative style helps to solve problems and at the same time communicate brand values and ideals.

Talia was raised in Peru and now lives in Calgary with her husband and adorable pup, Luna.

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We don't bite. 

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