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A Digital Marketing Company Based in Chilliwack

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Good is a cloud-based digital marketing company with clients from all over. However, the company's home base is in charming Chilliwack, BC.

Not far from Vancouver, Chilliwack is a growing city surrounded by natural scenery—making it an awesome place for creatives to find inspiration. I called Chilliwack home as a child, and I'm now growing my company and raising my family here.

Chilliwack's Growing Up

I wouldn't have considered opening a digital marketing company in Chilliwack a decade ago. It wasn't the city it is now.

Chilliwack has had an infusion of progressive politics and people. It's growing in size (bit by bit) and in perspective of the world. While it's still very much influenced by its conservative roots, there's more room to be yourself, especially for the young ones.

It's also changing in the business world. Young people are opening businesses that resonate with their peers and wanting to go out and about in the town rather than go to our neighbouring cities.

Heading Back Home

When the pandemic hit, it made me rethink my priorities. Before 2019, our family lived and worked happily in East Vancouver without immediate plans to move. If there's an optimistic stance on COVID-19, it made us realize the importance of family. I grew up in Chilliwack, and my parents and brother still live here.

We made the right move. I love my home, taking a breathtaking dog walk daily and reconnecting with people and activities I enjoy.

Transitioning Good Digital to a new address was a good move too. Though I have a home office, I use the CoLab 1881 workspace when needed. I also like its proximity to the City, the ski hill, and clients east of here.

I've been attending various networking opportunities at the Co-Work Chilliwack space. They have Creative Third Thursdays and Launch Stories. Both provide insight into the local business economy and help me connect to entrepreneurs and creatives—such as Refinery House, a health and beauty collective, and the Chilliwack Mural Festival (CMF).

For the Love of Art

What do a digital marketing expert and the Director of the Chilliwack Mural Festival have in common? Me.

CMF is a passion project. It excites me to bring artists to Chilliwack and book artists for the festival. It has many parallels to Good, although very much about the creative aspect of our city, and I'm always learning so much. Good was able to work on the branding for CMF and contribute to its growth in the last year.

I became the Director through the founder, who appointed me based on my background in the arts and business. She had met with me a few times and asked if I was interested in taking on the festival and helping grow it. It's been no small feat running a business and a festival but rewarding and impactful.

Need a Digital Marketing Agency in Chilliwack?

Life's good. I've found myself in a place where I have a job I love in a City that means a lot to me.

If you are in the Chilliwack area (or elsewhere) and want to discuss marketing, let's meet!

Get in touch to book a digital or in-person chat.


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