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Why We Work With Wix

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A powerful website framework, Wix enables our team to create user-friendly, visually stunning websites that meet user and business goals.

What do you think about the Good Digital website? It’s pretty neat and easy to use, isn’t it? Our site is powered by Wix on the backend – we don’t just use Wix for our clients, but for our own company too.

Wix is a versatile website creation toolkit that we have used for many projects. Powered by an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Wix allows us to create websites and applications with a high-end look and feel.

Whether it's social media, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, email marketing, or community forums, Wix makes it easy to add new types of functionality rather than writing code from scratch.

Want to learn some of the reasons our agency chooses Wix?

What Are the Benefits of Wix For Web Design?

Attractive, Well-Designed Templates

Style is everything when it comes to web design, and this is one reason we love using Wix. With a vast library of beautiful themes, Wix helps us communicate the essence of a brand in pixel-perfect form.

No Third-Party Hosting Account Required

Some types of website builders require clients to log in to a cryptic hosting environment to make minor changes to a site. With Wix, users log in directly to a user-friendly backend that makes it easy to make small changes when needed.

An analogy we like to use is that Wix is like a prefabricated home. The 'frame' is designed in a certain way, but you get to pick the look of your kitchen, flooring, bathroom, etc.

In a world where website design can be expensive, going 'prefab' with Wix is not only fabulous, it makes good business sense.

Wix vs WordPress

In general, users consider Wix to be easier to use than WordPress. For advanced users, both Wix and WordPress offer similar functionality (though delivered differently). The learning curve with Wix is relatively minimal after you have logged in to the backend once or twice.

A Custom Site

Creating a website that is custom-tailored to a brand guide is a must in today's device-driven world. Consumers and business clients are more sophisticated than ever and expect a high-end look and feel for web design. Wix makes it easy to create an eye-catching website that communicates the essence of a brand.

Bespoke Website Mapping and User Experience Design

A website map is a diagram that's like a birds-eye view of a website showing all the pages and how they are linked together. It's essentially a map that enables web designers and content writers to navigate the website creation process smoothly and efficiently. A thoughtful user experience design powers top websites, and Wix makes it a breeze to create a UX that feels just right.

At Good Digital, we take pride in our website mapping and user experience design capabilities, which reflects in our website's end product.


One of the last steps in the web design process is wireframing. This is when the look and feel of a website are laid over the top of the scaffolding, so to speak.

A wireframe is a high-fidelity mockup of a web page that details the layout, text images, buttons, links, and more. Wireframes act as a blueprint or reference for how the finished website should look and feel.

Want to Learn More?

At Good Digital, we use Wix for our business website. It has proven to be a user-friendly and efficient tool for creating websites, enabling us to add new functionality quickly without having to write a bunch of code. We enjoy using Wix and frequently recommend it to our clients, family, and friends.

Learn more about this awesome platform on the Wix website.


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