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Nicomekl Riverfront Project

Digital Engagement
City of Surrey


The Situation 

The City of Surrey wanted to engage residents to have them co-create the vision for an eco-sensitive park space along the Nicomekl Riverfront using digital channels.

The Process

We completed a comprehensive needs assessment in collaboration with the City's parks team to clarify needs and goals. A digital strategy plan emerged from this work. 

The Good Digital team provided guidance and expertise on digital content creation for community engagement as part of the plan. We helped the City formulate content ideas that would resonate, encouraging resident participation in the visioning process.


We worked with local influencers and users of the Nicomekl Riverfront to produce campaign scripts and videos, leveraging their reach and influence to increase engagement while telling the story about the park and its benefits.  


Finally, we launched a comprehensive digital engagement campaign to gather feedback from residents using multiple digital channels, including social media platforms, the City's website, and their email marketing list. We tracked and analyzed the results to uncover insights into the community's vision and preferences for the Nicomekl Riverfront project. 

The Results

The digital engagement campaign generated increased reach, engagement, and participation for the project. Survey data and interviews helped to shape a vision for the Nicomekl Riverfront in partnership with residents, providing a strong foundation for decision-making and planning.

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