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Nicomekl Riverfront Project

Digital Engagement
City of Surrey



Create an opportunity for residents to provide a vision and engage with the three-kilometer, eco-sensitive park along the Nicomekl Riverfront through digital channels.


Needs Assessment

Collaborated with the City's parks team to assess the need for digital engagement and understand the desired outcomes. Conducted a thorough analysis of the Nicomekl Riverfront project and its goals to determine the most effective digital strategies.


Digital Content Advisory 

Provided guidance and expertise on digital content creation for engaging the community. Advised on developing relevant and compelling content that would resonate with residents and encourage their participation in the visioning process.


Campaign Script and Video Production

Worked closely with local influencers and users of the Nicomekl Riverfront to produce campaign scripts and videos. Leveraged the influence of these individuals to enhance engagement and highlight the park's unique features and benefits.


Digital Engagement Campaign

Launched a comprehensive digital engagement campaign to gather input and feedback from residents. Implemented targeted strategies across various digital channels, including social media platforms, the City's website, and email marketing, to reach a wide audience and encourage participation.


Results Tracking

Monitored and tracked the results of the digital engagement campaign, including survey responses and participation in open house events. Analyzed the data to gain insights into the community's vision and preferences for the Nicomekl Riverfront.



Increased Engagement

The digital engagement campaign successfully generated increased participation from residents. The strategic use of digital channels allowed for broader reach and accessibility, resulting in a higher engagement level than traditional methods.


Valuable Survey Results 

The campaign's digital surveys yielded valuable insights and feedback from residents regarding their vision for the Nicomekl Riverfront. This data provided a solid foundation for future decision-making and planning processes.


Enhanced Open House Participation

The digital engagement campaign effectively promoted open house events, increasing attendance and community participation. Combining online engagement and in-person events created a holistic and inclusive approach to gathering input.


Through collaboration with the City of Surrey's parks team, our digital engagement strategies successfully enhanced resident participation and feedback in shaping the vision for the Nicomekl Riverfront.


Developing digital content, producing campaign scripts and videos with local influencers, and launching a comprehensive digital engagement campaign effectively generated valuable survey results and increased participation in open house events. The digital approach provided a convenient and accessible platform for residents to contribute to the visioning process and helped create a stronger sense of community ownership and pride in the Nicomekl Riverfront project.

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