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Gitga'at First Nation

Newsletter Content, Design
and Coordination


Approximately 130 members of the Gitga’at First Nation (GFN) reside in the lands and waters around Txalgiuw (Hartley Bay) in Northern BC, however, they have hundreds of other members around the province. Community is very important to members of the GFN, and communication helps bring them together, even when they’re apart. 

We were happy to help the GFN re-start their community newsletter, Amhaw, which hasn’t been distributed since 2019. Our team worked with GFN members in various departments to source content, stories, and updates from the Nation. Different members wrote different parts of the content, and we transformed the copy into a cohesive tone/voice for their member audience.

The final draft went to each GFN department and manager for approval. Once we received sign-off, we moved on to create a unique and branded design for the newsletter – which was created to be both professional and familiar. The newsletter was printed and distributed to members and added to the website, so all members can access information and feel connected to their community.

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