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Community Economic Development: SFU

University Program
Digital Strategy


Develop a comprehensive communications strategy, brand guidelines, and social media guidelines to support the SFU CED program's mission of sustainable, place-based, and community-controlled economic development while promoting diversity, inclusion, and the well-being of all community members.



Collaborative Planning

Engaged in extensive collaboration with the SFU CED program to gain a deep understanding of their objectives, target audience, and core values. Conducted workshops and discussions to identify key messaging and communication needs.


Communications Strategy

Developed a communications strategy tailored to the SFU CED program's goals. This strategy included defining target audience segments, identifying key messages, determining communication channels, and establishing a timeline for implementation.

Brand Guidelines

Created comprehensive brand guidelines that reflected the SFU CED program's values, mission, and visual identity. This included defining the program's tone of voice, logo usage, typography, color palette, and other visual elements to ensure consistency across all communication materials.


Social Media Guidelines

Developed social media guidelines that outlined best practices, content strategies, and engagement tactics specific to the SFU CED program's social media platforms. These guidelines aimed to maximize the program's online presence, foster community engagement, and promote inclusivity and diversity.


Implementation and Support

Assisted the SFU CED program in implementing the communications strategy, brand guidelines, and social media guidelines. Provided ongoing support and consultation to ensure successful execution and addressed any challenges that arose.



Clear and Consistent Communication

The developed communications strategy enabled the SFU CED program to effectively communicate its mission, values, and objectives to its target audience. Clear and consistent messaging helped foster community engagement and support for the program's initiatives.

Strong Brand Identity

The brand guidelines established a strong and cohesive identity for the SFU CED program. Consistency in visual elements and tone of voice across all communication materials helped to enhance brand recognition and reinforce the program's values and mission.

Increased Online Presence and Engagement

The social media guidelines facilitated an active and engaged online community for the SFU CED program. The implemented strategies and best practices resulted in increased followers, improved engagement rates, and meaningful conversations around economic development, diversity, and community wellbeing.

Program Alignment and Impact

The developed communications strategy, brand, and social media guidelines aligned the SFU CED program's communications efforts with its core values of sustainability, community control, diversity, and inclusion. This enhanced the program's impact in supporting the economies of local and Indigenous communities.


Through collaborative planning and expertise in communications strategy and branding, our partnership with the SFU CED program resulted in the developing and implementing of an effective communications strategy, brand guidelines, and social media guidelines.


These initiatives facilitated clear and consistent communication, established a strong brand identity, increased online presence and engagement, and aligned the program's efforts with its sustainable, place-based, and community-controlled economic development mission. The work completed supported the program's objective of improving all community members' well-being and quality of life while promoting diversity and inclusion.

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