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Mission Bridgehead Investment Corporation

The Situation

Mission Bridgehead Investment Corporation came to Good Digital to help communicate its goal of creating community opportunity through economic development projects. They needed a cohesive, professional brand to attract investment, promote the city, and tie into the community's values. The biggest issue for them was gaining the trust of multiple audiences.


The Process

As a new corporation, a significant component of our work revolved around the education piece for each audience group and helping them understand the value proposition and trust Mission Bridgehead.


Good Digital’s objective was to create a brand that was approachable and polished. We determined Mission Bridgehead needed sleek, modern, professional branding anchored in community values and local significance, with assets to match.


The Results

Through brand creation and a digital and print campaign that included a website, pitch deck, brochure, and other materials, Good delivered a strong brand setup for success. We created a robust brand that communicates effectively with multiple audience groups. Mission Bridgehead is now a brand with an international appeal, resonating with the community and a global audience, a testament to its broad reach and impact.

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