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The Situation

Pedal Sport, a cornerstone of Chilliwack's cycling community since 1992, needed a rebrand to serve and grow its community better. Originally a small road and tandem bike shop, Pedal Sport has since evolved into a hub for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Despite its established presence, Pedal Sport faced the challenge of refreshing its brand to attract new customers while retaining the loyalty of its existing community.


The Process

Good Digital partnered with Pedal Sport to revitalize its brand in preparation for the grand opening of its new store—which needed a logo, signage, and clear brand guidelines. Our team crafted a comprehensive branding strategy to appeal to a broader audience. We designed a logo of a cyclist in full stride, symbolizing motion, adventure, and community connection—creating a professional, recognizable brand icon that resonates with the audience. 

Additionally, we developed a detailed branding guide covering typefaces, colour palettes, and logo usage to ensure a consistent and appealing brand identity across all platforms.


The Results

Our efforts rejuvenated Pedal Sport's brand. The new logo and branding elements resonated well with long-time customers and newcomers, creating an inviting and inclusive atmosphere. As a result, Pedal Sport strengthened its position as the go-to cycling store in downtown Chilliwack and enhanced its online presence.

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