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Revolutionizing Recycling: Our Work with the City of Mission

At Good, we love work that makes a difference. When the City of Mission asked us to help educate locals on proper recycling through a series of videos, we were all over it!

A City on a Mission (Pun Intended)

The City had two objectives for this work. They wanted to increase awareness of the five major contaminants in their recycling (hard plastics, garbage, electronics, scrap metal, and personal hygiene products) and encourage residents to download and use the Recycling Coach app.

The overall goal of this project seems simple at the outset: to inform and inspire Mission residents to adopt responsible recycling practices. But encouraging people to change their habits isn't usually easy. We needed to provide informative entertainment showing how simple recycling properly using the app can be.

Partnering with the Right People

We decided to personify the Recycling Coach idea, using local influencer Natoya to encourage people to improve their recycling game. 

We also partnered with Colla Films to bring this project to life. Their expertise in videography perfectly complemented our creative direction, which was to film on-the-street interviews with locals. 

The Campaign

Armed with insights from the City of Mission's brand book and our own discovery, we created an informative and entertaining script that Natoya could use to guide these interactions.  

Central to our campaign were three videos:

1. On-the-street interviews, seeing how many people knew where to dispose of specific items

2. On-the-street interviews, seeing how many people could tell us if certain items were or were not recyclable

3. A voiceover of footage at the depot explaining the importance of proper recycling

Each of these videos introduced the Recycling Coach app. This handy tool helps users sort their recyclables correctly in seconds. The app became a valuable resource for Mission residents by simplifying complex information and providing practical solutions.

While metrics such as social media engagement and app downloads were important, this campaign's true success lay in our impact. Seeing residents embrace recycling in a new way and the positive feedback we received validated our efforts.

Making the City of Mission a Greener Place

Our collaboration with the City of Mission was a very meaningful project that helped improve recycling habits in the community. Through the campaign, we illustrated that changing habits can be easy and that these small habits contribute to a more sustainable world.


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