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Search and Rescue:
North Shore Docuseries

Social Media Management & Outreach


The Situation 

North Shore Search and Rescue (NSR) wanted to reach new audiences and engage existing followers across multiple online and offline channels. They approached the Good Digital team for help on a compelling project—launching and promoting a docu-series within three months to drive viewership and engagement.

The Process

Our team used a multi-pronged approach to help NSR achieve their goals in a tight timeframe. 


Good Digital collaborated with Peg Leg Productions to create an excitement-generating content schedule. Partnerships were built with influencers to increase reach and drive additional viewership. Contest and giveaway campaigns were also used as involvement devices in collaboration with several partner brands, generating additional buzz for the series. 


We developed, curated, and optimized content across multiple channels, ensuring consistent messaging, captivating visuals, and strong storytelling to capture attention and maintain interest. Our team also handled community engagement by responding to comments, messages, and mentions and facilitating discussions relating to the series to foster audience connection, loyalty, and word-of-mouth.   

The Results

Through multiple campaigns, strategies, and tactics, the Good Digital team was able to help generate high series viewership (broke records on the Knowledge Network), strong engagement rates (likes, comments, shares, and video views were consistently above industry benchmarks), and excellent channel growth (strategic execution led to series-specific social channels experiencing rapid expansion).

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