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Search and Rescue:
North Shore Docuseries

Social Media Management & Outreach


Launch and promote a docu-series within three months, driving viewership and engagement.


Content Review and Schedule

Collaborated with Peg Leg Productions to review the five-episode docu-series and additional clips. Developed a content schedule that strategically released episodes and extra clips to build anticipation and maintain audience engagement throughout the campaign.


Influencer Relationship Management 

Identified relevant influencers in the target audience's niche and built partnerships to promote the docu-series. Leveraged influencer reach and credibility to expand the series' reach and drive viewership.


Contesting and Giveaways

Developed and executed contesting strategies to encourage audience participation and generate buzz around the docu-series. Collaborated with brands to secure giveaways, further incentivizing audience engagement and expanding the series' visibility.


Content Curation

Curated and optimized content across various channels, including social media platforms and the official website, ensuring consistent messaging, compelling visuals, and effective storytelling to capture and retain audience interest.


Community Management

Managed ongoing community engagement, responding to comments, messages, and mentions. Facilitated discussions, answered inquiries, and fostered a sense of community around the docu-series to enhance audience connection and loyalty.


High Viewership and Engagement

The launch of the docu-series was a tremendous success, with the first episode garnering significant viewership and generating substantial buzz. The series received an overwhelming response and broke records regarding viewership on the Knowledge Network.


Strong Engagement Rates

All social media channels experienced high engagement rates, indicating active audience involvement and interest in the docu-series content. Likes, comments, shares, and video views were consistently above industry benchmarks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the promotional tactics.


Rapid Channel Growth

Due to the strategic implementation of tactics, the channels associated with the docu-series experienced rapid growth. The tactics utilized attracted viewers and helped convert them into subscribers, contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of the channels.


Through a comprehensive and well-executed digital strategy, including influencer partnerships, contesting, content curation, and community management, the launch of the docu-series by Peg Leg Productions achieved remarkable success. The series gained significant viewership, broke records, and generated high channel engagement. The tactics employed ensured a successful launch and facilitated the channels' growth and development, fostering a loyal and engaged community around the docu-series.

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