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Social Media Advertising


Establish the WRLDCTY brand among urbanists, placemakers, and city enthusiasts worldwide, and drive attendance to the October 2021 global forum.



Content Creation

Collaborated with the WRLDCTY event team to create compelling, informative content resonating with the target audience. Developed a content strategy that included blog articles, social media posts, videos, and interviews with industry experts to showcase the event's unique value proposition and highlight the pressing urban issues being addressed.


Ad Campaigns 

Created and executed targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential attendees globally. We utilized various digital advertising platforms, including social media ads, display ads, and search engine marketing, to maximize visibility and generate interest in the event.


Audience Engagement

Actively engaged with the target audience through social media channels, responding to comments, inquiries, and feedback. Facilitated discussions and shared relevant content to foster community and build excitement around the event.


Community Building

Worked with the WRLDCTY event team to establish and nurture a community of urbanists, placemakers, and city enthusiasts. Created dedicated online groups, forums, and email newsletters to provide a platform for ongoing engagement, networking, and knowledge sharing beyond the event.


Global Reach and Attendance

The content and ad campaigns successfully reached millions of individuals globally, effectively promoting the WRLDCTY event and generating interest among the target audience. The October 2021 global forum achieved an attendance of over 2000 participants (in-person and online), showcasing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in driving event registrations.


Community Growth 

The ongoing efforts to build a community around WRLDCTY yielded positive results, as participants and interested individuals actively engaged in discussions, shared insights, and exchanged ideas. The community became a hub for knowledge exchange and networking, extending the event's impact beyond its duration.

Brand Establishment

The strategic content creation and targeted ad campaigns helped establish the WRLDCTY brand as a leading platform for urban planning, real estate, technology, government, and business discussions. The event gained recognition and credibility within the industry, attracting influential speakers, experts, and sponsors.


Through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including content creation, ad campaigns, audience engagement, and community building, the WRLDCTY global event successfully established its brand among urbanists, placemakers, and city enthusiasts worldwide.


The marketing efforts generated significant interest, resulting in a high October 2021 global forum attendance rate. Furthermore, the ongoing community-building initiatives ensured sustained engagement and growth, creating a valuable knowledge-sharing platform and networking platform. The brand establishment and community growth efforts position WRLDCTY as a leading global event in the field, fostering collaboration and facilitating discussions on pressing urban issues.

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